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The United Transportation Union Local 1700 is a Non-Profit Organization

Nobody should profit from union dues funds.

 Union Local 1700 falls under the State of California’s guideline status of not for profit (nonprofit organization), pays no franchise fees or income taxes to the State on the monies that it receives such as the primary union dues.  So, what that means is that “union members” can deduct the $480 per year on their Federal tax return. Union Dues are tax deductible.

However, there are ways that our Local can be subject to loose nonprofit status…If that ever happened, your $480 annual dues could not be a tax deduction, plus our Local Union here as a whole would have to pay the high fees and taxes to the State as like any other for profit corporation in order to operate. Therefore, this local shouldn't be ran as if it's a Fortune 500 Company.

Publication 17 (2012) Your Federal Income Tax 

This site is where you may request the complete...

Detailed memo of the telephone conversation...With John H. Horvath. The Administrative Assistant to the Int'l President, United Transportation Union, Transportation Division of SMART. Entitled: Advice on voting & disbursement of funds. Also you can request a copy of the local's Bylaws, Contract with South Land Transit Inc. (March 2013.) And, the United Transportation Union's Constitution.
See and learn how our local has predominately bamboozled 97% of its members passing votes and making disbursements from Union Dues without first properly notifying all members.

Members should not be blamed for their lack of attendance of Local Union business meetings, when they've not been properly informed about the upcoming meeting and or its agenda.

“As a matter of information, the local’s books and the minutes of its meetings should be available for inspection by any member who wishes to examine them.

M.B. Futhey, Jr. President-
Transportation Division

The Union Members Documents

It's been echoed throughout the local organization by most all members that they've never received or heard the reading of the adopted Bylaws.  Or, received a copy of the ratified contract voted on last March 2013. Needless to say if you've voted and are now paying your share of dues each month there’s no reason why you should not have your copy of these documents.  Why haven’t the executive board delivered these important documents…HUMMMM!  It’s been over five months and they are accountable for the withholding of information that you are supposed to have!

After all they've collected enough dues to be able to print copies and have them delivered to your doorstep.  Remember, you are the union, this benefit and service comes to you who contribute hard earned dollars.  It seems that they've taken the flip side of the coin and left the members laying flat on their face in regards of seeing the implementation of desired benefits and service. Where's the acknowledgment of seniority, lower health plan cost these were the two promises made last March.  Whatever happened to 40 plus work week...Overtime!

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The purpose of this website is to help members of United Transportation Union's local 1700 gain pertinent information so that they can make their input regarding the future of this Local organization.  Recently, the UTU's President, sent to our executive board members corrective advice!  However, Independent Survey ...will not resort to Facebook to post information that pertains to Union Members only. Your requested info will come via your email address from this website.


Local 1700 Members

The following is a list of documentation that should be at your disposal...If you don't have them contact us here on the Independent Survey through this website today.  Click on each items link to request a copy. Be sure to give your email.
1. Local 1700 Bylaws 

2. Constitution of the United Transportation Union

3. Contract with South land Transit Inc., (Ratified March 2013)

4. Guidance on voting and disbursement of funds

Many members agree it's time to consider a...

Change within or in the way this Union is working... Or as the window of opportunity is approaching fast…Head to the poll to VOTE them OUT!  Your opinion makes the difference! 

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